Extreme Cambodia

pieterneele | 18 February, 2015 13:22

The stunning architecture of the Angkor period. The horrific Khmer Rouge reign of terror. Cambodia is extreme. The sheer magnitude of the temple ruins is incomprehensible. So is the scale of the brutality.

As if there are no constraints on the people, no limit on good and no limit on evil.

I have often visited Angkor Wat and the many temples in the surrounding area. Each time I stood in awe. I have often visited the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge, and Tuol Sleng, their prison and torture centre in Phnom Penh. Each time I was appalled.

This time my co-traveller and me wanted to go to Pailin and Anlong Veng, strongholds of the Khmer Rouge for twenty years after their brutal reign. And to the remote Angkorian temples that are scattered around Cambodia’s north. Among them the three disputed temples on the Thai border that recently still led to armed conflict.

Unexpectedly our focus on the Khmer Rouge and our focus on the temple ruins would result in an encounter that gave insights in both.

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