Pol Pot’s bathroom and other remains of the Khmer Rouge

That’s the title of a new series of photos and videos I posted on Flickr.

In Cambodia much more remains of the Khmer Rouge than the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek and Tuol Sleng prison, the two well-known and horrifying reminders of their brutal reign.
In Anlong Veng and Pailin, Khmer Rouge strongholds along the Thai border long after they lost control of the country as a whole, houses of top leaders Pol Pot, Ta Mok and Khieu Samphan can still be found. With difficulty sometimes: see the ‘live’ videos of my search for Pol Pot’s house outside Anlong Veng in the forests of the Dangrek Mountains.

At Khieu Samphan’s house in Pailin an awkward surprise: his family still lives there. Embarrassed I didn’t take photos.

As to Pol Pot the places where he was tried and cremated can also still be identified.

Some of the enormous water reservoirs the Khmer Rouge built using forced labor still exist, as does a now deserted airport built during their reign, including in its vicinity hidden silo’s and tunnels, signs maybe of the Khmer Rouge’s paranoia.

And what happend to the people who were part of the Khmer Rouge? Apart from the top leaders no one was tried. Many of their former soldiers were recruited into the Cambodian government army that they previously fought against. In an ironic twist of history they now defend Cambodia against their former supporters the Thai army, in a conflict over border temples that both countries claim.

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